Xuan Leng’s Publications, Theses & Notes



  1. Xuan Leng*, Peng Lei & Wen-zhao Zhang, Effects of electronic-vibrational resonance on the absorption and two-dimensional rephasing spectra of the Fenna-Matthews-Olson complex, Chem. Phys. 2023
  2. Xuan Leng*, Yaming Yan, Ruidan Zhu, Jiading Zou, Wen-zhao Zhang, & Qiang Shi*Revealing Intermolecular Electronic and Vibronic Coherence with Polarization-Dependent Two-Dimensional Beating Maps, J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 14, 838-845, 2023
  3. Ruidan Zhu, Meixia Ruan, Hao Li, Xuan Leng, Jiading Zou, Jiayu Wang, Hailong Chen, Zhuan Wang, Yuxiang Weng*, Vibrational and vibronic coherences in the energy transfer process of light-harvesting complex II revealed by two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy, J. Chem. Phys. 156, 125101, 2022
  4. Duc Viet Le,  Jessica M. de la Perrelle, Thanh Nhut Do, Xuan Leng, Patrick C. Tapping, Gregory D. Scholes, Tak W. Kee*, & Howe-Siang Tan*, Characterization of the ultrafast spectral diffusion and vibronic coherence of TIPS-pentacene using 2D electronic spectroscopy, J. Chem. Phys. 155, 014302, 2021
  5. Duc Viet Le, Xuan Leng, Howe-Siang Tan*, Regarding expressions of the oscillatory patterns in the 2D spectra of a displaced oscillator model, Chem. Phys. 2021, 111142
  6. Xuan Leng, Thanh Nhut Do, Parveen Akhtar, Hoang Long Nguyen, Petar Lambrev*, & Howe-Siang Tan*, Hierarchical Equations of Motion Simulation of Temperature-Dependent Two-Dimensional Electronic Spectroscopy of the Chlorophyll a Manifold in LHCII, Chemisty-An Asian Journal, 12, May, 2020
  7. Ruidan Zhu, Shuai Yue, Hao Li, Xuan Leng, Zhuan Wang, Hailong Chen & Yu-Xiang Weng*, Correction of spectral distortion in two-dimensional electronci spectroscopy arising from the wedge-based delay line, Opt. Express, 11(27), 15474-15484, 2019 5-oe-27-11-15474
  8. Xuan Leng, Ya-Ming Yan, Rui-Dan Zhu, Kai Song, Yu-Xiang Weng* & Qiang Shi*, Simulation of the two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy and energy transfer dynamics of light-harvesting complex II at ambient temperature, J. Phys. Chem. B, 122(17), 4642-4652, 2018 6-acs.jpcb.8b00674
  9. Shuai Yue, Zhuan Wang, Xuan Leng, Rui-Dan Zhu, Hai-Long Chen & Yu-Xiang Weng*, Coupling of multi-vibrational modes in bacteriochlorophyll a in solution observed with 2D electronic spectroscopy, Chem. Phys. Lett. 667, 79-86, 2017 4-1-s2.0-S000926141730249X-main
  10. Xuan Leng, Shuai Yue, Yu-Xiang Weng*, Kai Song & Qiang Shi*, Effects of finite laser pulse width on two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy, Chem. Phys. Lett., 667, 79-86, 2017 5-1-s2.0-S0009261416309198-main
  11. Xuan Leng & Xian-Ting Liang*, Redundancy of Fenna-Matthews-Olson for energy harvesting, Acta Photonica Sinica, 44(1),0117002, 2015 2-Fenna_Matthews_Olson
  12. Xuan Leng & Xian-Ting Liang*, Simulation of two-dimensional electronic spectra of phycoerythrin 545 at ambient temperature, J. Phys. Chem. B, 118 (43),12366–12370, 2014 1-jp506974r


  1. 翁羽翔, 王专, 陈海龙, 冷轩 & 朱锐丹, 量子相干态的二维电子光谱测量的原理、应用和发展, 物理学报, 2018, 67, 1278012-review
  2. 冷轩, 王专 & 翁羽翔, 光合捕光天线系统的进化模式与能量传递, 植物生理学报, 52(11),1681-1691, 2016 3-1681-1691_16-1018


  • Ph.D. thesis: The applications of two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy in photosynthetic light-harvesting systems (二维电子光谱在光合捕光系统中的应用) UCASthesis-xuanleng
  • M. S. thesis: Theoretical study of energy transfer in photosynthesis light-harvesting systems(光合作用捕光系统中能量传输的研究)XuanLeng_Master_Thesis


  1. Notes on Quantum Mechanics.
  2. Notes on Redfield Equation.
  3. Exercises in Quantum Mechanics.