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Skills in Scientific Researches 科研中计算机的使用



This is a Chinese document which mainly records my learning program language skills, Linux skills, Numerical methods, tips of my scientific research experience and so on.
Now the document is an open-source document. I hope we can record our learning experience to make younger avoid 
some mistakes.


XuanLeng’s Publications, Theses & Notes


Here is a compressed package of all my publications: xuanleng_publications

Here is my Ph.D. thesis: UCASthesis-xuanleng

  1. Xuan Leng, Ya-Ming Yan, Rui-Dan Zhu, Kai Song, Yu-Xiang Weng & Qiang Shi, Simulation of the two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy and energy transfer dynamics of light-harvesting complex II at ambient temperature, J. Phys. Chem. B, 122(17), 4642-4652, 2018 6-acs.jpcb.8b00674
  2. Xuan Leng, Shuai Yue, Yu-Xiang Weng, Kai Song & Qiang Shi, Effects of finite laser pulse width on two-dimensional electronic spectroscopyChem. Phys. Lett., 667, 79-86, 2017 5-1-s2.0-S0009261416309198-main
  3. Shuai Yue, Zhuan Wang, Xuan Leng, Rui-Dan Zhu, Hai-Long Chen & Yu-Xiang Weng, Coupling of multi-vibrational modes in bacteriochlorophyll a in solution observed with 2D electronic spectroscopyChem. Phys. Lett. 667, 79-86, 2017 4-1-s2.0-S000926141730249X-main
  4. Xuan Leng, Zhuan Wang & Yu-Xiang Weng, Review in Chinese: Evolution of photosynthetic light harvesting antenna systems and energy transfer efficiency, Plant Physiology Journal, 52(11),1681-1691, 2016 3-1681-1691_16-1018
  5. Xuan Leng & Xian-Ting Liang, Redundancy of Fenna-Matthews-Olson for energy harvesting, Acta Photonica Sinica, 44(1),0117002, 2015 2-Fenna_Matthews_Olson
  6. Xuan Leng & Xian-Ting Liang, Simulation of two-dimensional electronic spectra of phycoerythrin 545 at ambient temperature, J. Phys. Chem. B, 118 (43),12366–12370, 2014 1-jp506974r
  7. Ruidan Zhu, Shuai Yue, Hao Li, Xuan Leng, Zhuan Wang, Hailong Chen & Yuxiang Weng, Correction of spectral distortion in two-dimensional electronci spectroscopy arising from the wedge-based delay line, Opt. Express, 11(27), 15474-15484, 2019 5-oe-27-11-15474


  • Ph.D. thesis: The applications of two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy in photosynthetic light-harvesting systems (二维电子光谱在光合捕光系统中的应用) UCASthesis-xuanleng
  • M. S. thesis: Theoretical study of energy transfer in photosynthesis light-harvesting systems,XuanLeng_Master_Thesis


  1. Learning Notes on Quantum Mechanics.
  2. Notes on Redfield Equation.
  3. Exercises in Quantum Mechanics.

量子力学笔记(phileas,冷轩)(Learning Notes on Quantum Mechanics)

  • 大家好!这是我写的量子力学笔记,欢迎大家下载阅读。
  • 量子力学笔记基础内容暂不更新了!
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